other than responsibilities, none.

a man is a boy who has responsibilities.
responsibility to tackle and endure what’s in front of him. in my case, responsibility to heal wounds, mine and others.

but then again, i’m still just a boy.


“But withal, if one is patient in adversity and forgives — this, behold, is indeed something to set one’s heart upon.” — 42:43

Heart is like a car.

When you were born to this well-polluted-mother-earth, your heart was like a car which just came out from the showroom. Fresh, sleek and clean. Unfortunately, that was the best state you ever had. As time goes by, your heart’ld have dents, scratches, corrosion, and even engine malfunction. Forgiving replenish the heart, I assume. Cause when you forgive, it’ll wash away bad substances that influences your heart, especially bad thoughts. Like a car which just came out from the workshop with dents are fixed and paid by the insurance (hmm, reminds me of something, hehe).

So, please let me sincerely say this:

Minal Aidin wal Faidzin

brain drain

August 27, 2008

the more lazy i become, the more i remember the way i used to be

first of all, i’m sorry for not updating this blog for several weeks. you see, when you too indulge in your so-called job (i haven’t worked here, officially, but i have to work some things out, and those some things are include saturdays and sundays workhours, so fuck me and my idealism), you have to find some kind of escape from reality, a kind of thing that surreal, in my case that thing is: diecast

and so i bought this piece of shit 2 weeks ago. a tomica mitsubishi lancer evolution X 1/50 scale model. it cost me Rp 29.800 though, but it worth the penny. and of course i also bought the ultimate holy-thing honda new fit, but i kept it inside the box, in my house where no one, yes no one, can ever-ever touch it but me. while the evo x i brought to my cubicle, where i can use it to ram it to the wall, take it a spin (around the cubicle, not Kemang), and show it to my fellow colleague.

it’s unexplainable, if you know what i mean, to find it interesting. there’s a funny feeling when you can buy your dream ride for less than Rp 50.000 and hold it in your palm.


March 28, 2008

hi there,how ya doin’?

it’s been quite a while since my last post.but it won’t be long for the next one.hehe.

a lot of things happened to me for the last couple of months.nay this blog updated,my life updated.

so,here i am,connected by GPRS,flunked by madness,stressed by how much credit i have to give for this shit.

so,please,anticipate my post.

let it ride

September 10, 2007

“twenty-seven years of nothin’ but failures

and promises that i couldn’t keep

Oh Lord i wasn’t ready to go, i’m never ready to go

let it ride” 

— Let It Ride, Ryan Adams

oh yeah, that “twenty-seven”, make it “twenty-three”.

a bunch of thanks for those who greets me with their “happy birthday”s.

may God bless you all. 

bureaucracy,  has been my major villain since my parents made my birth certificate.

someone once said to me:

“people who bribes or being bribed will burn in hell.”

“but, the bureaucracies in Indonesia…”

“that is the test”

on the next couple of days, my driver’s license will be expired.

i’ll face my test.

“if you ain’t smart enough, work hard enough”


simple, yet very relevant


April 13, 2007

the lost art of being a newbie:

  1. never tell anyone about it
  2. secretly browse wiki
  3. if you ever need to ask, ask nicely and act like you forgot about it
  4. pick someone you can trust to be your mentor
  5. extend your deadlines
  6. always start your statement with a ‘as far as i know’ sentence
  7. never haste, be cool as you were an expert with a vast experience
  8. tell ‘everything is under control’ to your boss, despite your baggy eyes
  9. in front of the computer monitor, make a comprehensively look

code hard, play hard

April 13, 2007

as a slothful IT labour, which i would never dream of, i mindlessly code day by day.

leaving me in vague, do i have to code for the rest of my life?

i knew that this is not my calling, tho i have to admit that i’m starting to get used to it.

this dreary job could make you insane somehow, somewhen.

remember the ‘all work and no play makes jack a dull boy’ phrase?

so, in order to save my sanity (and my so-called-life), i play.

what am i playin’? well, you already know what i’m capable of, right? ^_^